Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas wishes

We only spent a short 1.5 hr stint in the rehearsal. Was dead hungry after n rushed to Suntec for dinner.

A massive dinner....

At esplanade someone passed me a piece of paper to write my xmas wish. I had alot to write but due to the limited space on the paper, i only wrote "Hope everyone is happy n gd health, Jimmy Lee". =)

The pole (like a shaft) where ppl hang their wishes.

The river was filled with balls... smthin' was written on each ball... i cldn't see, probably wishes.
Xmas is really near. We actually organised a party n i gotta be there at least for a while, since many of my awesome friends n buddies will be there. I hereby wish everyone merry xmas esp if i dun see ya for xmas.
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