Saturday, June 16, 2007

Missing someone?

Haf ya ever missed someone and felt terrible because ya reckon tat he/she doesn't miss ya? Ya'll be sittin' around wonderin' if ya meant anythin' to him/her, or he/she ever knows ya existed. Rushin' 2 the phone once ya received a msg hopin' tat its him/her. Sittin' in front of the TV or holdin' a book hallucinatin' about him/her. Layin' on the bed and thinkin' of the last time ur guys were out together. Loggin' on to the internet hopin' to see him/her online. Lookin' around on the train wonderin' if he/she could be there.

Missin' someone is a way of growin' up i guess, which exposes ya to loneliness, enlightenin' ya about a feelin' called emptiness. It's awesome 2 miss someone, knowin' tat ya really care and indulge in the feelin' of lovin' and carin' for him/her. But missin' someone and not knowin' if he/she is feelin' the same is dreadful. So if ya miss someone, tell him/her and at the same time, ask if they miss ya too. Dun let the feelin' of missin' someone becomes jealousy or paranoia.

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