Friday, June 01, 2007

Flight booked to Texas US

Yesterday went buffet lunch at Simei with mps friends (JinShyang, Jiahui, Kaixian, Yinghui, Shereen, Pat, ...). Enjoyed myself...hadn't seen them for a while, i miss everyone of them. We proposed some actitivies like bbq, weekly jog, volley, etc. Everyone seems pretty stressed this time round.

Went PC show after with Jiahui and Hendrik. It was soo damn crowded tat we gotta squeeze like wedges into a tight space. I saw the IBM X60, core 2 duo, window vista biz...etc. I was droolin'...n i asked my two buddies if i should trade in my current IBM T60, less than a year old, for $1200 n pay another $1800 for X60. But think abt it, I can't catch up with technology, so maybe i should be more rational n stick on wif my lovely T60. I need a mobile phone more than a laptop...i lost my mobile phone (tats y no pic in my blog now), gonna pay $800+ for my new mobile phone soon.

This mornin', booked airfare with Alex (the ASTAR scholar), we r flyin' to Texas US in Sept for ICIP conference presentation. It costs $1974 each exclusive of hotel, n the credit card OCBC staff called me twice to reconfirm if I made this transaction. It seems tat i haf spent too much $$ these days...i can't believe it too. I spent more than I earned...haha. :P And we r still plannin' on other trips, Bangkok wif CY, Penang wif Beeling, etc. Can someone pls ban me fr the airport!!! One step into the terminal n i'll be executed. :P

MPS was quick today, we finished around 11pm. Shyang didn't come n Jiahui left at 10. I still can't sleep yet, gotta prepare for rehearsal tomorrow. I hope Chris will be mercy wif me when i play the piano, haf not been practisin' lately.
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