Saturday, May 26, 2007

Exam results out!

I m back home finally last nite, lyin' on my cosy bed. Checked my flooded emails.... exam results were out n thanks God i did pretty well wif straight 'As'. I felt so tired tat i didn't wanna unpack my luggages n stuffs, not even today... keep on procrastinatin'. I lost my mobile phone last week... still decidin' which model to get... should i get a WIFI phone? Probably the new Dopod C730. I miss my piano, had not seen her for a while. I gonna spend more time wif her today. :) My dear friend Hon had a car accident recently, hurtin' one of the pedestrians. I m tryin' my best n askin' my family to help him wif the case. I hope he'll be fine.

I wanna contact Ade in Japan, but i dun haf her contact. I m goin' Tokyo in few months time, maybe can stop by in Osaka this time round to visit her. Finally i wanna continue my bloggin' after stopped for months. Goin' back uni on Monday. I wanna start workin' out too, which I've been doin' so recently... gonna stay healthy n happy! :)

Went out wif Hendrik to Orchard n PS.... we had sushi! We went to Yamaha 2 find some piano scores n we played some songs on the display piano. Awesome day!
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