Thursday, June 07, 2007

met Bryan n Wing

Yesterday met up wif Bryan in the late evenin' at fisherman's village. We had a gd time chattin'... so much 2 catch up... he's such a nice person. We were also talkin' abt galsss... yeah men's favorite topic!! We discussed abt our perception on relationship n marriage. He doesn't like the idea of gettin' married too early n doesn't mind changin' gf (though he is currently attached)... n he stoutly goes 4 look. Conversely, i dun like changin' gf n i m more toward this 'once n forever' supposition. I luv gettin' married too if i do luv her... n if i've no feelin' towards her i wun even wanna get together wif her. Bryan was havin' this adverse reaction "Wat? Why not?? Jus 4 fun... I think ya take it too seriously... n ya r younger than me n y wld ya wanna settle down??? I advised him to be loyal 2 his current gf... cherish wat ya haf ppl...!! But he really luv his current gf i know... i know him... he's nice. I told her abt the gal i like, which we named it as "G3" which means "Guai guai gal". She is super nerdy n guai, n she is kind-hearted. She gave me the burnin' sensation whenever i see her. I know i really like her. But i dun think i'll ever get her... as she is too guai. :P

Today i reached uni at abt 12pm. Was busy configurin' my new phone (Dopod C730), tryin' to connect 2 NTU n NIE through wireless. At abt 3pm Wing n I headed to the uni gym. Tats Wing in the pic. :) We r kinda gettin' stronger, carryin' heavier weight each time. Took a shower n went 4 our sushi aaagainnnn... our 1023212593 times havin' sushi together.... haha. Wing is leaving next week to Beijing Microsoft for work attachment, hope he'll like it.

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