Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy joggers

This mornin' woke up at 6.15am, met up wif Daniel n Kaixian 4 mornin' jog. We ran ard the beach (Pasir Ris), gd day... i luv the both of them! Had breakfast wif Daniel after, n went back hm ard 10.00. Gonna practise my piano for performance today. Yesterday's rehearsal i was quite ghastly. Again Chris was tellin' me off..."Jimmy did ya practise enough at hm?" Again i gotta remind him tat i'm not pro like the rest of them. :) But wat to do... Chris is my idol... i'll work harder. :P

Went Vivocity at Harborfront wif Wing yesterday noon. I bought my Dopod C730 there (without contract for $798 after usin' up my $100 voucher). My credit card bill will be above $3000 this month... i better find out where is the highest success rate on robbery in Singapore.
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