Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shoppin' at Orchard

Went Orchard wif Chongyan (the guy in the pic). We had our dinner at Pasta mania. I bought a T-shirt. We went far east, taka, wisma... etc. Tomorrow Jiahui is not joggin' wif me, so i gonna jog alone tomorrow. :) I did not jog for a few weeks... i miss the beach so much.

Last nite chatted wif Angie online. She helped me to find a room for my friend Desmond.... she's such an awesome friend. Thank ya Angie. Then she asked how Desmond looks like... etc... n asked if i cld intro guys to her. I replied "How abt me? Single n available." But she claimed tat I wun like someone like her... she was kinda inferior (many reasons she gave but i dun wanna write it here). Silly... yes it has never crossed my mind abt me n her... but its bcos i dun fall in luv easily, n maybe not thinkin' of tat at this moment. But she is a wonderful gal... no doubt abt tat. Hmm... who should i intro to her? Hahaaa... pls register here!
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