Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bazaar at Pasir Ris

Went sch early mornin', met up with Cong Thanh at 1 to continue on our implementation n journal writin'. Finished ard 6.30pm, didn't haf time 2 go gym today. Wing left yesterday... it was pretty tiresome in the lab now. We haf this bazaar thing here ard Pasir ris interchange... kinda interesting. May haf a closer look some time later. The street's singer sang really well n i was kinda blown away... i reckon i saw him b4 at Simei... tremendous voice! Finally i got myself a mic n i was talkin' to Ade in the evenin'. Really miss talkin' 2 her n glad 2 hear tat she's doin' well in Osaka Japan. Supposed 2 meet up Selina tomorrow but i cancelled it... need 2 do some work. Sorry Selina... meet ya some other day. :)

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