Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Desmond's room rental not successful

Last nite chatted wif Ade online. She's still in Japan, but she's much happier now wif her job. She miss Singapore foods... e.g. horfun. I asked her to come bk whenever possible... i promised her tat i dun mind goin' salsa wif her if she comes back. :) I miss eatin' wif her too.

Met up Desmond today at uni, he came bk from Hongkong yesterday. He is vexed abt his mum lately, who is sufferin' fr some health problems. I was really upset too when he proclaimed tat his mum only left with 5 months to live. He was in depression n i m glad he's better now. God... pls help his mum. We went Crystal Jade for dinner... we luv the spicy chickens... really cool. Went to view a room at Shirley's place (Angie's friend). The location is pretty gd... near boonlay's shoppin' but i reckon her dad rented it out... n she wasn't inform. I m feelin' very guilty... i should haf view the place earlier, even before Desmond came back. I m sorry Desmond.

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