Monday, June 25, 2007

Visitin' grandma

Grandma had an eye surgery lately n today my family paid her a visit. I didn't go to sch, really miss grandma. My grandma vaguely rem me as i hardly see her. I wasn't in Singapore for quite many yrs, n even b4 tat i was jus a kid n our family wasn't quite close wif the rest of the relatives. She stays wif my Aunt. We brought her some bird nests, essence of chicken etc. but aunt alleged "She drinks them everyday until she gets so sick of it n now she refuses to haf them anymore". Hmmm... ok! :) Aunt has been takin' care of grandma all these whiles... i m really proud of her.

We went to shop ard this area (Geylang area) where i used to hang ard during my childhood time, my Primary sch Geylang Methodist. Mum was lookin' for her favorite fish porridge stall n we found it. We were also tryin' to recognise the surroundin' n shops... so much to rem... after so many yrs. I even went to the library tat i used to go. Mum wasn't too comfortable wif the environment n she kept complainin' tat she wun ever stay ard there. I reckon its jus bcos we r not used to it, i believe it's not as bad as she thinks. Apparently the environment made me rem so much of the past. I wanna bring my wife here after i get married n tell her every single thing i did here durin' my childhood time. Xinxing came 2 meet me after work, we had steamboat n he sent me home. He was one of my childhood's friends. :)

Little cousin came to my place in the late evenin'...he's soooo cute!! :)

Acting cool....................................... n pretendin' 2 be HOT......
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