Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life n death

Many people includin' my American friend haf been askin' me abt aunt. I didn't update it here bcos i didn't wanna face the fact tat it happened. Ok to make it short, the cancer has spread to other organs which we called "metastatic". The surgery to remove the primary tumor is not valid anymore since it grows into secondary tumors elsewhere in the body, alot more complicated. But no, i still believe there's a cure... she's workin' hard n not givin' up too!!

I may be teachin' as a lecturer in an Australia university next Sem. This is kinda sudden n bizarre as it isn't my initial plan. We dunno wat will happen tomorrow, or tomorrow when i wake up there's a lump found in my body n everythin' changes again. Hmm... i m quite pessimistic lately, i begin to realise this world is much more complicated than i cld imagine. Sometimes i thought i got it but i had actually lost it. Jus now i was readin' my older post "Life is like a train ride (" n i find it really hilarious. Yes gd or bad we gotta go on with life.

Irene wanna go disneyland Tokyo so i've to include a day for tat in our Tokyo schedule. I m not a fan of disney but i dun mind goin' as long as she enjoys herself. Its near Jesse's place anyway so we may pay him a visit b4 headin' in. Yesterday Sharon proclaimed tat she was jealous abt this soooo.... i promised her to go Las Vegas with her next yr, since she luv the place so much. I m glad she enjoyed her birthday yesterday. I wanna say ya r the "silliest" gal in the world. =)
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