Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 common ques ppl like to ask me

Was chattin' with Yvonne, a long lost friend... so glad to hear fr her again. N ya know wat, i realised all my friends like to ask the same que... read this...
Try not to ask me this que again k, the ans is a "No". =)

Another common que is "will ya help me?" Today a friend (not disclosin' her name here) was askin' me for financial help bcos she wanna break a 2 yrs work bond of $20k, n she needs $10k fr me. Hmm... i dunno if i should lend to her, $10k is not a small sum. I suggested her not to quit her job out of impulsiveness. There r many ppl who dun like their bosses too. =)
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