Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy n Funny New Year

Got the permission fr Cla (i call her mushroom) to upload n share some of her funny pics here. Yeah happy n funny new year. I blurred the faces of her friends in the pics as i didn't haf their permissions. Some friends n even my own parents dun really like their pics to be expose anywhere, so i m quite particular abt this... i respect the privacy of everyone.

Don't go...

Ahhh... flasher...

Her or me? Pick one!!!

He's mine...

Haha... i like these pics. Ok alittle update abt today, i had a very gd swim n suntannin' today. Been quite a while since i last exposed my body to the sun. Once a while i'd like to suntan as i dun like to be too fair. Some friends asked abt the New Year party. I m not goin' anywhere or joinin' anyone today. I've some work arrears to finish off before i head to Tokyo, n i m on duty tomorrow. I m now alone at home bcos my family is out for party too... haha. =) Again happy new year everyone, stay happy n healthy k? =)

Some new year's resolutions
- Aunt will get well soon.
- Parents will stay healthy n happy.
- She (Shoapaha) will stay happy with her bf or new bf, overcome her sinus n be a gd n healthy gal.
- Our performance n the rest of their performances go well.
- Xue will pass her drivin' license as she's gettin' ready impatient now after several attempts.
- My work with Alex will go well.
- I'll not be bored to death in Perth.
- My pretty gfs (as in friends) will stay pretty, name a few: Ade, Cat, Irene, Jolene, Cla, Jo, Sharon, Xue, Jess, Ming, Yvonne, Jas, Jasmine, Jen, June, Wyne, Selina, ... who else i left out? =)
- Spend less money, i think i m kinda out of control. I've not seen my credit card bills with less than 4 figures for long.
- Old Aunt will stay healthy n happy. Spend more time with her as I've not visited her for quite a while.
- Selina will manage to find a new job.
- Dr Tan n Tay's biz will get better.
- Lao si's health will get better n more concerts fr him.
- More people to donate blood. Pleaseee...
- Am i too greedy? Can i ask for more?? Hahaa....
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