Thursday, December 11, 2008

Become a blood donor

Hey can ya guys do me a favor, go n be a blood donor. Ya can check this site:

Find a donation drive near ya. See if ya can fit into any of these timeslots n locations. I'll be goin' too. Together we can save life, n at the same time gainin' health benefits. Each time ya give blood ya remove some of the iron it contains. High blood iron levels can increase the risk of heart disease. People who donate blood haf lower cancer n mortality rates.

Timeslots n locations:
Dec 13: Singapore Swimming Club blood mobile, 12pm.
Dec 14: Queenstown CC blood mobile, 10am.
Dec 17: Raffles Place MRT station blood mobile, 11am.
Dec 19-21: Dhoby Ghaut NEL station blood mobile, 12pm.
Dec 20: Paya Lebar Kovan CC blood mobile, 11am.
Dec 21: Bedok CC bloodmobile, 9.30am.
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