Sunday, July 01, 2007

In debt? :)

After the bbq on Friday, i was immersed into this homographies research+implementation, tryin' all ways/solutions to perform an ideal homographies mappin' (pickin' the right pts is very impt). Came out with this solution: formin' a kinda convex hull, eliminatin' those pts within a triangle etc. The cosine rule cosA = (b2+c2-a2)/2bc is very useful for this. I finished it this morning together with a report to send to my supervisor. Imagine i slept like 4 hrs for the past few days...but really glad tat i finished it this weekend. :) I chatted with Ade last nite online. She asked some bizarre ques like "Who do ya luv?" She was kinda in a gd mood last nite... i dunno why. Selina msg me jus now...n i feel so sorry again tat i can't meet her for lunch/dinner later.

Oh my God... my credit card's bill is here... n again it reaches $3000 this month. I realised i spent more than $1000 last month jus for foods... hahaaa. Then why am i still tat slender? I reckon those who went out wif me for lunch/dinner grabbed most of the foods... ya know who ya r? Hahahaa... jus kiddin'! To all my friends: Lets haf breads 4 lunch/dinner this month... n your treat... thank ya so much. :)

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