Monday, July 16, 2007

No laptop. Kai is not a ruffian!

Didn't blog for days... haf not got bk my laptop fr the service centre yet. Met Beeling on Friday for sushi dinner as she was in depression, but she's better now. Really happy to meet Kai recently, a childhood friend of mine. We used to be very close, played games (nintendo) n learned basketball together etc. After tat i moved hse, went oversea etc... so we lost contact. After all these yrs, i finally heard abt him fr mum's friends (some old neighbors). Everyone jus exclaimed tat i should stay away fr him. My conversation wif mum:

Mum: Why do ya haf to mix wif him(Kai)? He's a ruffian, he doesn't even haf a PSLE cert, he smokes, he works for loan shark, in nite clubs n also an ex-convict... ya know it! Come on son, ya r among the best, ya r a scholar, ya haf everythin', we always gif ya the best for everythin'... dun mix wif ppl like him.
Me: Wait mum, dun ya rem Kai? The time he spent in our hse... i believe he's not a bad guy in nature. N no matter wat he is, it doesn't matter... we r friends... he wun harm me.
Mum: Jus stay away fr him!! If not dun ever call me mum!!! Its for yr gd!!!!
Mum forbid me fr seein' him, tats so preposterous! He shouldn't be scorned!!

Meetin' Bryan every Monday for joggin' in the evenin'. It gonna be fun! :) Bryan is so nice, he's comin' Pasir Ris to jog wif me. Thank Bryan, ya r the best!!
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