Saturday, July 07, 2007

Down on luck! Melancholy mood.

Do ya believe in luck? Let me tell ya wat happened last week.
1) My external harddisk went down for no reason, all my data was lost.
2) Eye's problem, phthalmic surgeon fixed a surgery next week. Although very minor n doesn't even need a single stitch, but still i loathe it.
3) Laptop went down after i turned off the switch. Sent for servicin'.
4) Best friend is leavin' next week, n i wun be able to send him off. :(
5) Performance ruined, i cldn't go after all these months of rehearsal. Noone blames me but i feel really guilty n miserable. Dun feel like playin' piano again!
6) Friday wanted 2 see someone... but ended up...!!

I put the personal msg "melancholy mood... etc" on my msn. Some friends sent their rgds.... thank ya so much, esp Kaixian, Serene, Jasmine, Selina, Hendrik, Angie, CY, Sharon, Zhangli, Xue, Daniel. I m really really happy.
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