Monday, July 02, 2007

East coast with Bryan & hilarious msg fr Kaixian

Supposed to meet up with Serene this afternoon but i was kinda tired n totally forgot abt it. I m soooo... sorry Serene, forgive me. Today on the train to sch, i msg Kaixian n she replied me:

Me: So bored on train, hey why ur mum know i m a nurse? Haha... but let her know i haf no fetish for nurses, n not pedophile too... i m a gd nurse... haha. Cheers! (note: I m not a nurse, but we joked last time tat i was a nurse.)
Kaixian: No lah. I told her abt the joke abt introducing you as Dr mah. She thinks you're quite lame not pedophilic. Can relax :)
Me: So ya gossiped abt me to ur mum. I'll tell my mum abt ya too... hahaha.
Kaixian: Not gossip. Ok lah.

Met up wif Bryan after sch, we went East coast for dinner. We had satays, laksa n other stuffs... really cool... had not been so "unhealthy" n "insanitary" for long. :) We walked ard for awhile... so much to chat abt. Bryan is an awesome friend, both in character n look. Look at his pic? He looks sooo Tom cruises. Always feel very happy chattin' wif him.

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