Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To Singapore National Eye Centre @Outram

Went to meet Prof Chee S P at National Eye Centre wif my mum. She's an Ophthalmic surgeon who inspected my eyes. Tat's a little tiny thing very close to my eyelid tat needs 2 to remove, in case it gets bigger in future. Its sooo... tiny tat it can scarcely be seen, but still Prof Chee suggested to get it removed. I feel quite vexed... out of sudden i gonna go for surgery. I m not goin' for performance, i called Chris n told him abt it... i m not in the right disposition to perform at this moment. I hope they can forgive me. Chris wasn't in a fume n he asked me to haf a gd rest n they'll visit me after... he's marvelous. Wing is leavin' Singapore on Tue, which is the day of my surgery... i feel very upset too. He is one of my best friends in uni. :(

Went for a walk at Chinatown wif mum after. Had not been there for ages. Nothin' much there.

This new temple is quite famous at Chinatown. We went in n i reckon it looks really cool.
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