Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Eye infection & Bugis with Hendrik

My external harddisk went on strike n i lost some of my data... so vexed. I went to uni tryin' to get one, but i didn't find wat i wan. Went to uni clinic to check my infected eye... the doc referred me to the eye specialist at SGH... wat a day! It reminded me of mum today. She always get me the best specialist, director of which department... etc... etc... even for minor illness. I've never thank her n already taken it for granted. Thank ya so much mum.

I met up wif Hendrik at Bugis after sch. I bought an external harddisk at Sim Lim. I dislike this place... hardly wanna go there, but i gotta admit there r more variety there. I jus find some of the salemen there vicious n hideous... haf 2 be really careful. Had a gd dinner wif Hendrik, followed by desert somewhere else.
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