Sunday, May 08, 2011

I love the weekend...

I enjoyed the weekend soooooooooooooooooooo.... much. Had my swim, boxing, midnight cycling, run (later), favorite prata, and attended a D&D with mum and aunt, etc. My partner is my lovely mummy. =) Mum introduced some of her friends to me, they are really so taitai, trademarked by their LV bags, talking abt properties, shoppings, casino gambling, etc. Anyway i was happy chatting with them. They addressed me as Dr Lee, i'm not too used to it yet. =) I reckon in life the most impt factor is to keep yrself staying happy.... while sparing some time with family. I'm also extremely happy to see some of my "old friends" again.

Putting the fun aside, I've two Asst Professor invitations (one in Korea and one in Singapore) and i'm still wondering if i should go for the interviews. Ade encouraged me to go for the Korea one as she luv Korea so much... hahaa, she's hoping to work in Korea. The thing is i'm not sure if i should jus stay put giving myself some time to help in the restaurant. Asst Prof is a rather busy job, research and teaching simultaneously. Anyway i'll think abt it again maybe tomorrow, wanna cherish this beautiful weekend. =P
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