Tuesday, May 24, 2011

死ぬほど辛いタイラーメンfor dinner

Had a very spicy dinner today... HOT!! And I am really fuming today!!!
1) I received several calls and smses today asking abt my hands. Someone mentioned tat my hands were shivering on my tagboard here. YES I admit tat for the past few weeks my hands were shivering or shaking or some of ya call it tremoring. The main reason is becos of over workout, and a slight injury. PLEASE do not mention smthing like this here again. Ya know it well tat i've a match next week, how ya reckon the opponent wld feel when he read/know abt this? It will boost his morale and confidence. And it wld also make some of my friends worry for nothing. I am perfectly fine.

2) Why were ya guys arguing on my tagboard here again?? Come on, its jus a friendly match and I will be fine. If i have to lose so badly till i've to crawl back home, jus let it be! Daniel, ya should know me pretty well, I'm not afraid of anything, I am not afraid to lose too!!! I've a race next week too, a S$800 race. I believe i'll lose due to some injuries, but it doesn't really matter... i somehow dun wish to win too. =)

3) Cat msged me today and asked me to be her live pianist+sing on her birthday party. She even wrote "I can pay you hourly". Come on!!! I am not a part-time entertainer!!! Ok I admit tat I do receive some cash for each of my performance, but i do tat bcos i enjoy being with these people, not really bcos of the money!!!!! So please understand tat, thanks.

HOT ANGRY BIRD!!! (Edited by MingMing) =)
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