Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A ring

Rehearsal was pretty ok last nite, at least i didn't screw up as bad as the previous ones. But i received a complaint tat my friends out there were makin' too much noise. Hmm... dear friends pls lower down yr volume n remain discreet next time k? Spread yrself out i guess ya guys were too excited when yr gathered together. =)

Some of us went Chinatown for supper rite after, Dan, Ling, Xue, Joanne, n myself. Yes why Chinatown again? Ling is headin' bk home for CNY soon n i wan her to experience the CNY atmosphere here in Singapore, n the best place to go is Chinatown. Hmm... but i felt so sorry tat Ling lost her ring in the crowd. We cldn't find it anywhere. It was my fault... hmm... i m thinkin' of compensatin' her one before she goes off. I saw this ring fr SK jewellery jus now with a little diamond which looks pretty cool n was sellin' for less than $300, not too ex. I m thinkin' of gettin' tat for her. Wat ya reckon? Any better place ya know jus feel free to let me know k?
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