Sunday, January 11, 2009

15km run (makin' the impossible possible)

Humans are learnin' new facts everyday. We've heard of how bad the sun is to us, makin' our skin crinkly n givin' us cancer. But recently it was found tat it helps to regulate the eye's growth n dramatically reduces the risk of myopia, which is gd for us. For the past several weeks I've been toyin' with the idea of runnin' in the cold, as low as 5 degree. And today I completed a 15km run without stoppin'. I rem tellin' Dan this was wat I wanted to do, n he reckoned tat it was not possible, jus like how impossible it was for him to go for blood donation. I believe every one of us can accomplish the impossible in our lives if given the right inspiration n motivation to do so. And its not jus abt doin' things beneficial to yrself, but rather to the ppl around ya too.

Today i was kinda disappointed tat Cla did not keep her promise to send me funny pics for the 2nd time. However Xue cheered me up by sendin' me some pics she took for me 2 weeks ago. The pics are so hilarious (i look ugly though) as i was tryin' to imitate Dada, tryin' to act cute... hahaaa. My hair seems longer now.

This is Dada, the REAL cute 2-yr old baby. =)
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