Friday, January 02, 2009

Busy busy...

Been really busy lately, still haf not finished with my Tokyo presentation yet... m currently busy wif other experimental stuff. So pardon me if i haf not replied yr smses, emails, tagboard msgs, or any others. Had a gd breakfast with Dr Melvin this mornin', he advised me some places of interest in Tokyo. Actually i haf already got my trip well-planned. =) Didn't bother to bring along camera initially but since some friends requested hmm... ooookkk. Will take some ugly pics of me for ya guys when i m there.

Our model gf woke me up ard noon collectin' her car. Went lunch wif her at Suntec for a while before i got back to sleep. Dan woke me up next complainin' how his car was bein' kissed n he wanted tat guy to pay a huge sum for it. Poor Dan! =) And sorry Xue n Dan our spa appt was cancelled bcos of me. Today i kinda miss Cla, i haf not thank her for the pics.... the pics really perk up my day... thank ya so much. =)

Smthin' is wrong wif my tagboard these few days, so sometimes i haf to delete some msgs, or re-post it again. Pardon me for tat. Ok i m not gonna sleep if i can't finish the experimental work by tonite. Gotta go... be gd k everyone!!
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