Monday, February 14, 2011

An Jing (Piano recorded)

One of my all time favorite songs, played on my portable piano this time. Performed this song twice years ago in some events, and up to now i still reckon its an awesome song. I play this song when i m sad. Day 2: kitty called n i finally smiled. =)

Original MTV

Today is Valentine's day, i received quite a number of bizarre smses/msgs. E.g. an ex msged me if i wanna catch a movie or if not she cld pass me a pair of movie tickets; a friend asked me to go sentosa after work (wat?? So late!!!); a friend asked me to perform her a song (wat?? I m not a part-time entertainer); some asked where i'd be going (come on stop stalkin' me, i'm sure u've better things to do); etc etc. But i really luv this card given to me by Ade (but i m not disclosin' the contents), its kinda sweet isn't it? Sigh, can luv be trusted???
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