Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gay friend

Recently a gd friend confessed to me tat he's a gay. He was my dragonboat's mate. I'm not against gays n i do not mind having a friend who is a gay as long as he leaves me alone (in the sense tat he's not involving me in his gay's activities and talks). The first few times on msn he was addressing me as "darling"... etc. but i would never take tat seriously as i took it as a joke n i didn't know he's a gay back then.

After several months he was still addressing me as "darling" on msn so i started to find it kinda fishy n gross, therefore i didn't bother to reply him most of the time fr then. UNTIL recently he haf been getting a step further by askin' me to help him blowjob. He was testin' my patience... last week i got so pissed off tat i really fell out with him. I told him i really can't help him on tat, but maybe my dog could help him. I'm really disappointed as i had always been takin' him as one of my gd friends. I dunno wat was wrong with him, maybe he was bored, desperate, n not able to find a gay partner, but still there's no reason to harass his own friend. I didn't tell him off for many times bcos i cherished our friendship n didn't wanna lose him as a friend. Anyway i won't tell any of our mutual friends who he is in order not to ruin his reputation, tats the last i wld do for him as a friend.
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