Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Backpack online

Yesterday went Queenway and Tiong Bahru (both in SINGAPORE) to look for a backpack. However i didn't manage to get any. There were too many designs and i wasn't sure which one to buy. I heard a man complainin' abt the saleman's bad attitude outside one of the shops. I agreed with him after my experience. I asked a saleman for the price of a backpack and he answered "$200+, if you really want, then I will give you the discounted price" and walked away. So I still didn't get the price after, unless I would wanna tell him "Please... I really desperately want this bag, can you kindly give me the exact discounted price?" So anyway i didn't do tat n left without knowin' the price. Went to catch a late movie with Irene, "When in Rome". Pretty hilarious show. =)

Today i purchased this North Face backpack online. I actually prefer to shop online especially for these kinda brands which you won't be able to get much varieties at those shops in Singapore. Yes however i gotta pay for the international shipping fee (from US, about S$70) so it's not any or much cheaper. This model may not be sold in Singapore anyway. I particularly like this model which is very light and durable as it's using the airbag fabric. It looks huge in the picture but it's not tat huge compares to many other models which are usually taller in height. This model is popular for self-propelled climbs up steep mountains.

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