Saturday, March 06, 2010

Can't take it anymore

Jus now had a conversation with Irene. One of the sentences she typed "V v v gd fd", so i thought she meant "Very very very good friend", but she actually meant "Very very very good food". I explained to her nicely tat i wldn't be able to figure tat out as there could be several combinations fr these words. And you know wat, she got very pissed off and threw her temper at me n said it was my fault tat i didn't understand.... n her friends could understand blah blah...

I really can't take it when ppl r so stubborn, n she pointed back at me "You are stubborn", ok so i am stubborn then. And yeah maybe i m too stupid tat i didn't understand her, so i really wanna put this to a stop, enough is enough. Some people jus ONLY like to hear the good stuff, so ok she is the best, n she wasn't at fault, all my fault tat i m too stupid.
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