Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sushi n swimmin' day!

Met up with Chongyan today, we went sushi n swimmin' at Tampines. See the softshell crabs? Pretty gd... i quite like it. Chongyan got a bag at Tampines mall, quite cool! I m not really in gd mood today, thanks Chongyan for bein' wif me for the day. N thanks Bryan too for consolin' me. Joggin' wif Bryan was cool too yesterday. Another one i wanna thank is Jaslyn. She is really really an awesome friend 2 haf. I was bored at uni... n she suggested to come uni to acc me... she stays at Tampines n willin' 2 travel down to Boonlay... which gal wld do tat? She's really so nice n friendly. A simple gal like her can be really cool... Chongyan agree too.

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