Sunday, September 02, 2007

house party tomorrow

Mum is throwing a house party tomorrow, abt 70+ ppl i heard, will haf lotsa foods, some ordered buffets n some homemade. There r like 10 packets of chickens in the kitchen now... i dunno wat they r gonna do with it... it looks like a restaurant now in the kitchen. I luv the apples n oranges more than anything else in the kitchen. :P It was like an open hse here today... ppl deliverin' stuffs here... n mum's friends in n out... busy preparin' for tomorrow. I m sure mum will be very happy tmr... with all her friends here, i'll be happy for her too. Maybe i should throw a party too, invite all my friends here. But wats so fun abt tat? I still dun get it, gonna think abt it!
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