Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bein' mistaken as a burglar!

This mornin' I passed by Sharon’s hse, n I rem I had not seen her 4 quite a while. So I thought of givin’ her a surprise by sneakin’ into her hse. It wasn’t difficult as the wall was pretty low. I called her on her mobile jus to make sure she was ard at home. But her maid caught me when I was abt to jump in, she was kinda bewildered n screamed “AHhhhhhh…”. I quickly stopped her n explained to her tat i came 4 Sharon. She stopped 4 a moment n I guess she didn’t get me n started screamin’ again. If I were really a robber, she wld be killed 4 makin’ so much noise. Nevertheless, my plan was ruined n Sharon came out of the hse. After resolvin’ the misunderstandin’, I asked the maid again if I do look like a burglar. She didn’t ans n I guess she ans it in her head “Yes, ya look like a God damn terrorist”. :( My self-esteem suffered!! Went 4 a walk with Sharon at the beach. Chatted wif her abt some sch problems which i m currently facin'. I'm bein' given a gd opportunity in a huge project, but i need to betray someone n leave him for gd. All friends so far encouraged me to do tat 4 my gd, but i really can't n dun wanna do tat. I may haf to give tat opportunity up. I may never haf this kinda once in a lifetime opportunity again, but i know if i betray him, i'll feel bad abt it for life!!

Sharon's hse
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