Sunday, June 03, 2012

Grandma passed away

My paternal grandma passed away on 1st June 2012. RIP grandma.

Grandma (age 87) is a christian for more than 50 years, and she told me at the hospital few days ago that her happiest moments in her life were the times where she sang at the church. She said people were questioning whether she was a singer when she was young, probably because she sang loudly and she enjoyed herself so much. She reminded the family that they must remember to bring her bible along at her wake/funeral. The bible is really old and moldy, probably more than 30-40 or more years old. =)

I am quite disappointed tat Sis didn't attend the wake/funeral at all. Lot of excuses, foreign friends came to Singapore, husband's brother is getting married (not auspicious), etc etc. There are more excuses than these but i don't wanna talk abt it for goodness sake. Hmmm... i don't know how come people can be quite heartless at times, or maybe I am too stubborn?

Grandma is a very nice and kind person. At the hospital few days ago, she apologized to us tat she couldn't serve us drinks as she couldn't move, told us not to come and visit her if we were busy, etc. She said she didn't blame the doctor who operated her eyes 2 years ago. It was a failure and she became totally blind from then. She said the doctor was very young and it failed because the cuts were too deep which damaged her vein(s) somehow. She said she will be able to see soon (after death I guess tats wat she meant).

Grandma, take care of yourself in heaven.

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