Monday, May 21, 2012

Restaurant waiter

Last week I was helping out at the restaurant for several days, after work and during weekend as mum said not enough staff so I became a waiter (free labor). =) Quite tired but fun as some of the aunties (customers) were really nice, and they said I look handsome (actually they were just trying to console me). Business was so so, not very good. Today I heard from mum that when she wasn't around, a man conned my bro-in-law and the other staff $70, claiming that he was my mum's friend and needed to borrow that money for a day. AND he and the rest of the staff really loaned (gave) the money to him. Mum was so pissed, she exclaimed "How come got people so naive and stupid, like that also believe!?!??!!!" HaHaaahahaaa. Funny.
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