Friday, January 08, 2010

Yokohama trip

Today met Jesse for steamboat buffet somewhere near Totsuka station, abt an hour train from where i stay. Pretty gd quality, jus a little disappointed tat there weren't any fish, prawn, meat ball, and chicken. However i still pretty much enjoyed the meal, esp with this old friend... always happy to see him. And I had not really spoken English for the past weeks, finally i've a chance today... i can't believe wat i'm doin' here in Japan everyday.

I dropped by Yokohama station and did abit of shopping. A quick shoppin' n i spent like quite abit, in hundreds. To sum up, i bought a Porter bag in Tokyu hands, Porter is a famous brand in Japan, claimed to be very durable (fingers & toes crossed), anyway i m not sure how true it is... will confirm with ya 10 years later. =) I bought some small gifts for the kids, like pencil cases, etc.

This is where i got my bag. a huge shoppin' centre in Yokohama.

My porter bag, a little expensive but I like the color and the material.

Small gifts for the kids, e.g. Delon, didi, etc.
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