Monday, December 07, 2009


Jus a quick update for the past week. Hendrik is here in Tokyo for holiday, so i met up with him last Friday. We had sushi, followed by ramen for supper. Not used to typing English now, been readin', writin' n typin' japanese everyday, sigh. Met リさん for sushi last Sat, we had 21 plates, i think tat was incredible, the table was full of plates... i really enjoyed the food n the environment of tat restaurant.

Met up with Jesse today, abit of shoppin' n dinner, i bought a pair of shoes... didn't like the dinner though, some curry stuff.

Was quite pissed off with this msg left on my blog, a moron wif nothin' better to do was commentin' tat i look crappy, i m a loser, etc. Yes so wat? It has nothin' to do with you, i m not yr bf or so. Yes i look ugly, crappy, loser, etc etc... n so wat? I enjoy bein' ugly... it doesn't bother me. =) I thought of sendin' the IP address for investigation, but i reckon i shouldn't waste my time on this moron.
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