Friday, September 25, 2009

Where to throw your rubbish in Japan?

Today i waited for Jesse outside the subway station. I finished a packet of drink and i jus couldn't find a garbage bin to throw it away after searching for several mins. Finally i was pleased to find a bin about 30 metres away, however there were only three different sized holes (1 for bottles, 1 for pet bottles, 1 for cans) and my packet belongs to nowhere. I seconded wat Felix said days ago, "You can't easily find a bin in Japan and I've already get used to bringing the rubbish home".

Anyway yes Japanese are incredibly attentive for rubbish separation, they have their regulation for recycling different kinda rubbish into different bins, and sometimes you may not find the kind you want, e.g. my packet didn't fit any of the three holes.

Wat you gotta do after you finished with your meal in Macdonald. Yes its time for you to work... you gotta clear your rubbish separately. First open your cup and remove all the ices and water. Throw cup, straw and the cup cover separately to their respective bins (you have to figure out which one). Now you have jus finished with the cup. Next you gotta do the same thing again to your unfinished burger, paper rubbish, packets from the fries and sauce, etc... and again you have to figure out which is the correct hole (bin) for each. Don't try asking, because noone will understand you, you will just make things worse. =) You may hear "Gomen nasai, Eigo ga wakari masen, Anata wa Nihongo o hanashi masu ka?"
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