Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today i realised i was conned by a gd friend. People come in and out of our life, some let ya down and hurt yr pride, some bring ya on cloud nine. I always appreciate the time together bcos i never know how long tat time is gonna last. The more we know the person, the less we may understand him/her. Mum has been teachin' me for the past decades not to trust anyone (esp women), n i still haven't learnt it yet but i've learnt to forgive. Time flies, everything changes, friends seem to scatter, wat we left with is nothin' but the remainin' friends n luv ones who r still around us. I m not carryin' my anger or holdin' any grudge, not to anyone. Life goes on n i am happy with my life. When you forgive someone, you are actually settin' yourself free.
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