Thursday, August 02, 2007

Merc SLK for sales!

I haf a friend (not to mention his name here, he's here quite often... maybe ya know him! :P) who wanna sell his car, n he's offerin' me a very gd price, really cheap (for this model). Reason he's sellin' cheap bcos he still cld see this car often after sellin' to me. But i reckon i shouldn't waste this $$ though. Ask mum to buy for me? I could... n i thought abt it too. Mum pampers me so much... n my birthday is comin'... lol. Few yrs back, i wld haf done tat, but now i wun. I m old enough to make decision n buy things wif my own $$. N after tat incident, i dun really fancy abt ridin'/drivin'/flyin' anymore. Gotta finish up my thesis asap, gonna be busy for awhile!!

Sorry i gotta blur the number plate.
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