Monday, July 16, 2012

Taipei's bicycle shops (Neihu)

I always wanna buy a bike (bicycle) in Taiwan as many good bike brands are manufactured in Taiwan, but where to buy? I have been asking and searching around for the answer, where to buy a foldable bike (e.g. dahon) in Taipei. Heard that Neihu is a bicyle district. But remember not to stop at Neihu MRT station, it is quite a distance away from the bike shops. Stop at Ganggian instead. There are 3 bike shops so far I have visited there, about 5-20 minutes walk for each. However, only Giant is selling dahon bikes, e.g. MU SL, speed P8 models, etc. They do not carry the latest models, e.g. vector and dash series, I was so disappointed. I asked the staff why and they said that Dahon is not so popular anymore in Taipei, and they introduced me some other brands (probably taiwanese brands).
 Selling some dahon (older models), parts like Shimano Ultegra are sold there too. Very friendly staff (Michael, manager of the shop) served me. One good thing about the shop is that when you buy a bike here, e.g. if you do not like the crank of the bike, you can trade that in and get the one you want (e.g. change the crank to Ultegra brand).
 Another shop called CyclePal, selling brands like Kuwahara. I don't see any foldable bikes. Very dim inside and noone served me.
 Another bike shop which I was not able to read the name. They sell several small bikes (20'' wheels), but no dahon brand. Staff wasn't very friendly, he answered "We don't sell dahon anymore, not popular now. Singapore has no dahon? Just get it there!!"
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