Monday, September 19, 2011

People jus dun understand

A friend (not disclosing name) asked me for a loan of S$1000, and it wasn't the first time. I wanna let him learn to earn his own money, so i asked him to help me buy something from JB and I would pay him the transportation + S$1000 (as a token of reward or salary). He got the money, but he's now blaming me and commented in his blog abt me not lending him the money and made him work for it by travelling all the way to JB, etc. Its really so unfair to me. Do ya reckon its worth S$1000 to pay someone to go nearby to help me buy something not even cost more than S$200? It was a really simple job. I was jus trying to help him, let him get the money easily instead of borrowing and has to pay back later. Why people are so brainless sometimes and jus 不明白我的苦心? It reminds me of the gal i really loved and i was doing everything i could to help her, even to sacrifice myself, but in the end she said i was trying to harm her. It really upsets me alot. So anyway I jus wanna say sorry if ya think the S$1000 to make ya spent a few hours to earn it was too difficult or too little, my fault.
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