Friday, June 04, 2010

Wats wrong with the people?

Recently I am really fed up with the people around me. Its really not worth to treat someone well, eventually he/she will take u for granted and reckon tats wat u should do for him/her. Moreover he/she will never never never x10… be there when u need him/her most, tats really silly isn’t it?!!!!

Some sickening things to mark down. Yesterday someone msged me this “I didn’t reply u but I should have reply”, well ok dun bother. And a guy friend msged me this “I miss u Jimmy”, followed by a “Muack…”. Today again he msged “Do u miss me too?”… come on I am not against GAYS, but do not get me involved with u people!!! I am 101% so damn NOT interested in gays!!!!! Wats wrong with the world??

Today, my old aunt came 3rd time of the week all the way from Clementi, was very upset and complaining about her daughter. Long long x10… and many stories. She has always been staying alone by herself, years back daughter and son-in-law mentioned about selling her apartment, n she came shivering n told us she was worried to be homeless, etc. So that was when she started to be paranoid. That’s quite a norm since old people are usually more sensitive about all these matters, and tats not trivial as it affects their healths. Following up, months ago daughter stole her $2000 in her room. I used the word “stole” as the daughter just took it without even asking for her permission or informing her, and later claimed to us that her intention was to help her mum to deposit the money into the bank… worried she would lose it, blah blah blah blah! So AGAIN my old aunt was worried and sad tat her money was gone and has been talking about this matter for months too. How about her bank passbook to verify? Oh her daughter again WORRIED she would show to people or lose it so she took it away from her. So recently she came and kept worryin' about her bank passbook, and her money being cheated by her daughter and son-in-law. I called her daughter today and asked her to PLEASE kindly return her the bank passbook for goodness sake. However she was still quite reluntant... still explained her lotsa worriessss!!!! Damn sickening people keep talking about MONEY, just $10k+ left (old aunt claimed her daughter had already withdrawn out alot) and so much to worry. My old aunt’s health is getting really bad, complaining about people trying to steal her apartment, her money, her bank passbook, etc. And the daughter up to this stage still worried about the money!!!!! Is the passbook or money more important than her health?
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