Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy chinese new year

Happy chinese new year. I believe many of ya are already in the festival mood now, thinkin' of how and where to celebrate after all the formal visits. I reckon CNY is one of the longest festivity in the Lunar calendar. Its hilarious when ya think abt it, this festival makes people willin' to pour out their money to give red packets (with money) to relatives n friends, buy presents, decoration, food, and clothing. Every family is also willing to thoroughly cleans the house, windows, doors, etc. jus for tat day.

I missed out alot of CNY as i was in Aust, and most of them time i was still havin' classes on tat particular day. There's no CNY in Aust. Now I'm in Japan, there's no CNY here too, the following day after CNY (Mon) i still have a meetin' to attend. However, i still wanna wish everyone a happy new year, and enjoy yrself. =)
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