Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life in Japan

I'm beginnin' to get used to life here in Japan. People are nice, friendly and polite, i like the food, and i love the weather (for the time being, not winter) too. My very gd friend Jesse is here too, he is really nice, always checking how i am doing so far in Japan, am i still alive, etc. My colleagues are awesome too, although they barely able to speak English, they always make the effort to go lunch or dinner with me. I really wish before i leave the place, i am able to communicate with them in Japanese... tats the thing i really wanna achieve here, and i am working hard on it although learnin' languages is not my virtue.

Yes everyday my time is so fully-occupied, busy runnin' errands, e.g. mornin' Jap class everyday, afternoon work, etc. Weekend for e.g. today... i will have to do wat i would never have to do in Singapore, just to name a few: Change bedsheet, wash clothes and blanket, dry them, vacuum the floor, clean the furnitures, etc.... tired tired.... =)
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