Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wat i did today

Met an old friend Chongyan for dim sum high tea, followed by cafe. Was extremely busy today but i really wanna spare out the time to meet up before i go Japan. I shall sleep less tonite.

We went to look for a friend after, however she didn't haf time for us so we left after a short while. Sometimes in life ya thought ya really know someone well.... but actually ya dun. Chongyan was rather disappointed too.

This is dada at Mcdonalds... so cute!! Took few days ago.
This evenin' Xian msged me to come over to mps to meet her and Xiang. I wasn't able to go bcos i was helpin' my uncle doin' some work till as late as 1am. Then she said i was so mean... never come when she was ard. =) Hmm... actually i really wish to see them before i fly off, but i reckon maybe its fate tat doesn't wan us to meet. When i was there... they weren't ard. Anw maybe this is better for me too.
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